Analyses with TIQS software

TIQSThe TIQS (The interactive QTL system) software is an actively used infrastructure for the combined evaluation of clinical and molecularbiological data of genotyped individuals. The system was designed in such a way that several projects with the same source code can be processed at the same time. Your projects can directly benefit from this system by e.g.:

You will receive tabular overviews of the effects of genetic loci (also pairs of loci) on clinical or molecular phenotypes. It offered graphical presentations (scatter plots, venn diagrams) for the description of cis/trans-eQTL with consideration of clinical covariants. The system also allows the direct execution of R/qtl via the web interface. According to your wishes Immungenetics AG is able to realise entire expression QTL projects or the Expressions-QTL evaluation for you or to train your team for these analyses by means of corresponding seminars. TIQS is conducted as an open source project. This will guarantee you a permanent license-free access to your data with this system. Furthermore you also have the possibility, gladly with our support,

See here for more Information about the system.